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Welcome to PragmatiV! We help small businesses and organisations to realise their great ideas with the help of grants.

Grants as an opportunity

At Pragmativ we see grants not only as a challenge, but also as a recognition of your commitment and vision. We want to help you to access grants more easily and to implement your projects successfully.

Expertise for your success

Our experienced team provides expert knowledge and tailored advice to ensure you get the right grants for your project. We understand the diversity of grant programmes and can help you find the best way forward.


Grants or subsidised loans are forms of government funding designed to support business start-ups and projects. These loans are usually particularly favourable to repay. Grants can take the form of subsidies or loans to support specific business projects. They are an alternative to equity and debt financing and are provided to meet political or economic objectives.



Grants can be applied for by companies, institutions or individuals who do not have sufficient financial resources to implement their business ideas or projects. Grants are awarded under certain conditions and recipients must meet pre-defined criteria in order to receive them. It is important to understand the criteria and conditions in order to successfully apply for grants.



Grants are provided by public institutions such as the KfW Bank, development banks, guarantee banks, as well as by the EU, the Federal Government or individual Federal States. These institutions offer grants in the form of subsidies and loans to support the realisation of business projects. Your bank often plays a central role in the grant application process by reviewing applications and forwarding them to the appropriate development banks.



1. Think carefully about what you need grant money for and write a precise description of your project.

2. Research suitable grant opportunities, for example on websites such as the Grant Database.

3. Do not get discouraged and be persistent, even if the process seems challenging.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Erkan, restaurant owner 

💬: „Thanks to PragmatiV’s support, we received a grant to develop our website. This has enabled us to accept online orders. The professional advice and efficient processing by the PragmatiV team helped us to obtain the appropriate grants for our project. We are very satisfied with the cooperation and are happy to recommend PragmatiV.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Monika, founder

💬: „Andrea Puschhof advised me on possible grants during the foundation of my company and professionally guided me through the application process. She was always an open, honest and competent companion who helped me to understand the background of grants and how to use them for my project.

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